About Me

Utilising my 15+ years of experience in commercially focused roles combined with my analytical, detail-focussed mind and laser-sharp intuition, I focus in on the actions and strategies that help businesses thrive.

Having worked:

  • in the corporate world as the right-hand woman to a £25m, global business owner,

  • as well as supporting multiple fast-growing online business owners over the past 4 years, 


I have extensive experience managing large-scale projects and teams, developing operational efficiencies and implementing strategic marketing initiatives.


My satisfaction comes from being an integral part of a business as it grows its seeds from saplings into mighty oak trees!

Gavin Bell

I've been working with Michelle now for 5 months and she has already completely changed the way my business operates - positively! I'm very much an ideas & vision person, but I often lack the structure/process side. I brought Michelle in to help with exactly that. I'm already starting to get more time back, see the business grow faster and feel less stressed! So excited to see what the coming months + years have in store!

Originally from Chicago (yes, the "Windy City"!), I have spent the last 15+ years in the beautiful city of Newcastle upon Tyne. I usually spend most of my summers in Chicago where I can indulge in home favourites like my Dad’s secret recipe grilled burgers. I even have my Mom ship me Kraft Macaroni and Cheese to keep a regular supply in the UK.


Hey There! It's Great to Meet'Cha!

People tell me that I sound Jamaican when trying out a Geordie accent! Whereas people from Chicago tell me my accent has become so British (I even sometimes forget the American version of some words since I’m so used to using the British term.)

The Garden of Your Mind

You will probably have noticed that I like to make puns about nature or metaphors about gardening in most of my content. That is no accident.  I love the patterns that nature offers us and referring to this holistic way of building your business is exactly how I show up whether you have a seedling new idea or you are ready to continue to nurture your mighty oak forest of success.



I really love being outdoors and have gotten my best operational results with clients who are also happiest out in nature or who describe themselves as adventurous souls.


I have 2 beautiful children that keep me very busy alongside being an entrepreneur. Once in a while, you will see that my girls will help me out on my Instagram too. I set up my business so that I could create my own entrepreneurial freedom with time. I love that I can plan around a big school event, see my girls enjoying their out of school hobbies and have time left over to spend summertime in Chicago.


I also have 2 "fur baby" children - Gizmo and Pixie, the Bengal Cats. I’ve loved cats since I got my first one, Sheena, at the age of 6.  The majority of my clients also have cats or love cats which I think is no coincidence.




I only take coffee with an ample dash of milk and enormous amounts of sugar (make sure you have ample supplies for our meetings)! If we’re going to Starbucks I’ll probably order a Skinny Mocha Frappuccino. I’m still not a fan of tea despite my 15 Brit years!

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