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Do you want to plant your ideas and watch them grow but need support to develop and plant those ideas? And what about the energy and structure to nourish the ideas into strong roots that ultimately grow and develop your business?


About Me

Hi! I'm Michelle Lucherini an Analytical Marketing Strategist saving creative, online business owners time and money by analysing their digital marketing metrics and providing meaningful insights so they can focus on the marketing strategies & tactics that are going to grow their seedlings into mighty oaks. 

Utilising my 10+ years of experience in commercially focused roles combined with my analytical, detail-focussed mind and laser-sharp intuition, I provide the structure and support that creative entrepreneurs need to help their businesses thrive.

One of the most effective aspects of marketing your business is the measurement of it.  According to Pearson's Law, "That which is measured improves, and that which is measured and reported improves exponentially." 


When was the last time you stepped back, reviewed your marketing efforts based on data insights and then refocussed your marketing strategy and tactics?  If the answer is "Never, I hate data!" or "I've tried before and got bamboozled by all the numbers!"...Let's talk!

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About You

In order for us to work well together and achieve tangible, business changing results - at least ONE of the following statements should resonate with you...

You have an entrepreneurial mindset with a vision of how you want your business garden to look, but aren't quite sure what seeds to plant and how to nourish them in order to get that landscape dream.  

You are spending so much time running your business and implementing  your current marketing activities that you can't see the "wood from the trees". 

You are feeling overwhelmed because you are often distracted by the latest and greatest marketing advice - never fully following through with a strong strategy underpinned by a structured plan.

Your business has hit a plateau and you're feeling stuck.  The quote, "If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always got," summarises where you're currently at.

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  Laura Pearman
Laura Pearman Photography

"Before working with Michelle I was taking a scattergun approach to my content.  When things were quiet I put tonnes out, when things got busy it fell by the wayside.  I felt frazzled and unsure about how to make my business grow. 


With Michelle's systematic approach we are now in a place where my website traffic has TRIPLED!


With a dramatic increase in my turnover, I now have more focus and time to stay in my lane of creativity.  She's holding me accountable whilst at the same time managing the rest of my virtual team's day-to-day efficiency."