Successfully scale your business with sanity and focus

You’re an ambitious, visionary entrepreneur with a growing business BUT you're in the weeds:

Pinned down by an avalanche of ideas

You have so many great ideas for growing your business, but lack the time and energy, and, if we're honest, consistency to implement them - often creating organisational whiplash where you change direction before fully seeing a plan through.

All dreams, no plans

You can see the future vision of your business but either can't work out the nitty gritty plan of how to get there or can’t find the time to map it all out.

Wrestling a different beast

You realise the strategy that got you here, won't get you to the next phase of your vision. Your business is more complex now. You need help taming the business you have now, and planning how to take it to the next stage.

Personal bandwidth maxed out

You’re stretched too thin by the never-ending demands of your business. You started this business so you could have more control over your time, money and freedom but now you somehow have less control over these things, and you don’t have the time, energy or capacity to take on more.

Constantly fire-fighting

As soon as you start making headway with your growth plans, something comes up to blow you off course. No sooner have you dealt with one problem, there's another one demanding your attention.


Hi! I'm Michelle

Pragmatic BFF to Visionaries, an Operations Optimiser, and a formidable Task Master. I'll take your avalanche of ideas and inspiration, turn it into an actionable plan, and help you stay the course until your vision becomes a reality.

I can help you by:

Streamlining your business - simplifying processes and systems - freeing up your time, headspace and energy.

Ensuring you're surrounded by a proactive team that brings solutions to the table, allowing you to step into your true CEO role.

Plotting the course and staying on track- carefully evaluating new ideas that come up, and making sure all efforts contribute to the ultimate goal.

Adapting to the weather - problems are going to come up, that's the nature of business, but I help you solve them without compromising on the bigger vision or slowing progress towards it.

My experience

Utilising my 15+ years of experience in commercially-focused roles combined with my analytical, detail-oriented mind and laser-sharp intuition, I focus in on the actions and strategies that help businesses thrive.

Having worked:

in the corporate world as the right-hand woman to a £25m, global business owner,

as well as supporting multiple fast-growing online business owners over the past 6+ years,

I have extensive experience managing large-scale projects; operationalising visions and strategies; ensuring productivity, efficiency, and profitability; and finding solutions to pressing problems.

I love nothing more than working with ambitious business owners to translate their lofty dreams into a concrete, actionable plan and then supporting them to execute that plan to reach those dreams.

Michelle Lucherini Headshots Session

Client Love

We have always had big ideas and growth goals with solid numbers behind it. Since working with Michelle, though, she has taken this a step further and has really drilled down into those numbers and broken them down into KPIs that feed into those big goals. Seeing how the day-to-day operational KPIs fit into that big picture has helped keep us and the team focussed on the projects and priorities that really matter.We love working with Michelle as she isn’t afraid to challenge us and hold us as well as the wider team accountable. She’s super proactive, foresees problems and solves them before we have to worry about them, and we can totally rely on her - knowing she’s got it under control!




The Scaling Success Audit - Our First Step

Discover what you need to focus on first so you can scale successfully with sanity and focus.
Over the course of 1 month, I dig deep into your business looking at the 3 key areas of the Scaling Success Ecosystem:

Planning, Processes & Systems and People

The audit includes:

A 90 minute Scaling Success Kick-off session (via Zoom) so I can get to grips with your current business plan, processes & systems and team structure. 

A 90 minute Scaling Success Recommendations session where I will summarise my findings and recommendations for scaling success, and we’ll agree an initial 90 day plan to address weaknesses and plug gaps around Planning, Process and People. 

Complete review of your planning, processes and people, including your business plan and all associated documents (P&L, goals, dashboards, etc), all of your process documentation (written, video, verbal) and IT systems (CRM, project management, etc) and finally I will speak to (up to 3) critical team members.

Plus, within a week of our Recommendations session, I’ll send a complete report on my review and an outline of the 90 day plan we agreed upon. 

Scaling Success Audit


✓ 90 min 1-1 Kick-off session

✓ Detailed review of Planning, Processes & Systems, and People

✓ 90 min 1-1 Recommendations session

✓ Documented 90-day action plan

You can choose to implement this plan yourself or continue with...

Ongoing, fractional Director of Operations starts at £3,000 per month (3 month min) - No need to decide now, I’ll send you more information on this when you book in your free 30 minute Get-To-Know-Each-Other call.

Fractional Oprations Director pyramid

Scale with sanity and focus

It’s time to step into your true CEO role with clear goals and plans that are executed efficiently and effectively with a superstar team that are aligned and focussed.

Get started with the Scaling Success Audit for £1,999 to discover what you need to focus on first to scale successfully.

You can choose to implement the resulting plan yourself or we can continue working together on an ongoing basis with me as your ‘right hand’ woman ensuring the plan is executed with precision.

I’m in! What’s Next?

Book in a 30 minute Zoom call by clicking the button below. You’ll immediately get to choose a day and time that suits you.

We’ll discuss if the Scaling Success Audit is right for you, and then we can book in a future date for the Audit to start.

The Scaling Success Ecosystem

The key to scaling your business with sanity and focus falls into 3 key areas: Planning, Processes & Systems and People.

It’s all about making sure the right things get done, at the right time, in the right way and by the right people. That sounds pretty simple but without tight control and focus, these things are likely to slip and falter as you scale and your business becomes more complex. Ultimately, you will struggle to scale successfully without a balanced business ecosystem.

You can head straight to my in-depth article all about the Scaling Success System or watch this video for an overview.

Scaling Success Audit

Begin your journey with the Scaling Success Audit and discover what you need to focus on first to scale successfully.

Scaling Secrets

Get actionable insider advice and tips designed to help you successfully scale with sanity and focus and help you avoid common scaling mistakes.


How can I trust that Michelle has the knowledge and experience required to help scale my business?

I have taken my 10+ years experience working as the right hand woman to corporate CEO’s, plus the past 6+ years helping entrepreneurial business owners just like you, and turned that knowledge into a tried and tested model of what businesses need to have in place to scale with sanity and focus. You can find out more about the Scaling Success Ecosystem here. This goes in-depth, holding nothing back, on exactly what working with me is like.

How do I know if the time is right to take on a £3k / month commitment?

I am committed to making sure your business scales successfully so I ONLY work with businesses that are truly ready to make the changes required to do that. This means that if the timing isn’t right, I’ll tell you. Also we always start with the Scaling Success Audit, so there is no pressure to commit to an ongoing Operations Director retainer with me.

How do I know if Michelle is the right fit to work alongside me as my right hand woman?

If you’re reading this it’s likely because you are a Visionary who dreams big with lots of ideas but the smaller, more detailed aspects of the business aren’t your jam. And when it comes to planning and implementing your vision, you can’t always clearly see the path to get there. If this is you, then I am your perfect match! I am a Pragmatist with the ability to often foresee the detailed effects and implications of your big ideas alongside what needs to happen day-to-day to make those ideas a reality. And I excel at integrating the people, processes, systems, priorities, plans and strategy of a business together. And the Scaling Success Audit gives us a chance to try out working together, before you need to make a longer term commitment.

I know I want to work with you long-term...can’t we just jump right into the retainer?

Every retainer client I work with, has a Scaling Success Audit first, and it’s a great opportunity for us to be sure we’re compatible to work together long-term.

Ready to scale your business with sanity and focus?